If you haven’t played before, try checking out the Getting Started page.
* Images may differ from actual release version

Toolbar Controls


New Puzzles allow you to select a new image or video clip.

Show Finished displays the finished puzzle. Touching again turns it off.

Instructions shows condensed instructions.

Scores shows the top 10 scores along with information.

Preferences allows you to change your preferences.


Other Topics




New Puzzles 

Press the new Puzzle button newimageicon to load an image or video clip.

Select the source of the image or video.

The Movies shows moving clips included with Fliparoni.
(Movies are arranged in a rough sense of easy to hard order.)
If you’ve downloaded other clips they will shown on the bottom of the view.

Stills show still image puzzles that are provided with Fliparoni.
Stills are typically easier than moving images.
(Images are arranged in a rough sense of easy to hard order.)

Photo Album

Photo Album shows the standard Apple photo selector.
You may select any image already on your iPhone or Touch to use
for your puzzle.
(Not available on Lite version)

Downloads will link to a special website of prepared clips to download.
This may take a bit to download and display the thumbnails.
(Not available on Lite version)

The first time you tap on Download it will show a progress bar and save the thumbnails.
Future clicks on Download will only need to update as needed so the display will be quicker.

Note that an internet connection is required for downloading new movies. WiFi recommended.

The number below an image is the number of images in the clip.
Most clips are 1-5 seconds long.

If an image has the word Done then that clip has already been at least partially downloaded and is available under the Movies button. When a movie is downloaded it is saved so you don’t have to spend time re-downloading the next time you play it. Just select it from Movies.

Should you want to remove a downloaded clip from your device (or wish to re-download because the clip wasn’t downloaded all the way) click on the image. You’ll get a warning about deleting the clip and can proceed to delete it.


Once an image is tapped it will begin to download.
Tapping produces a short sound since the image may not update instantly.
In addition to the progress bar there will be a display of the frame number being downloaded and the time remaining to complete the download. 1 1/2 to 2 seconds per frame is typical. The time required to download a clip is very dependent on the speed of your connection.

Show Finished 
Pressing the Show Finished button will display the finished puzzle.
It will also display a white border around the image.
Tap the button again to work on the puzzle. When show Finished is off the scrambled puzzle is show with a black border.
Touches while in Show FInished Mode will be ignored.

To play the game you must move the pieces back into their correct place and with their correct orientation (flips and rotation back to normal).
The pieces will have to match the Show Finished image displayed (Note that the image may be landscape or portrait)
You can touch the Show Finished button anytime to check your progress.

Touch a piece and drag it to move it to another spot. The piece won’t start dragging until you’re well into another square.

Anytime you touch a piece it will be outlined in yellow.

Sound effects sound as you drag and drop the piece.

If the piece is correct then it will flash white and make a specific sound like a cork.

Once a piece is correct it will be locked into position so you don’t accidently move it.
When a correct piece is touched it won’t show the yellow outline, it will make a lock sound and most importantly it can’t be moved.

To flip a piece sideways touch one side of the piece and swipe it. Make a small swipe and release your finger at the other side of the piece. You can swipe in either direction but the finished piece will be the same in either case. The piece will flip when you release your finger.

To flip a piece right side up simply touch the top or bottom of a piece and swipe it up or down. You can swipe in either direction but the finished piece will be the same in either case.

To rotate a piece make a diagonal swipe within the piece in the direction you want to rotate. Diagonal swipes toward the right (up or down) will cause the piece to rotate clockwise. Diagonal swipes toward the left will cause the piece to rotate counter clockwise.
Hold the device in the correct orientation of the clip or puzzle since the rotation is relative to the image.

This shows a condensed list of instructions while playing the game.
If you wish to see the Intro animation again tap Replay Intro.
There are also links to this website and email support directly from Fliparoni.

High Scores 

Pressing the High Scores button will display the top scores.
High scores will now come up by default after finishing a puzzle with a high score. You may turn this action off in the preferences.
The latest is marked by a white dot.
Each will have the players name , number of seconds to finish the puzzle and an image of the puzzle.

Because the difficulty depends on a number of settings these are included with the scores.
The first symbol shows if it was moving or not. (Red line through any symbol indicates no)
The arrow symbol indicates if flipping was on.
The circle shows if rotating was on.
The Checkmark shows if the Correct indicator was on.
The Lock shows if correct pieces were locked.

Pressing Reset will remove all high scores. There will be an alert to prevent accidental resetting.

Game time is started when the scrambled puzzle is first displayed until it is completed.
The timer continues to run while you look at the Finished image.
It will pause if you open preferences, instructions or new puzzle.
The time will be saved if you quit the program or take a phone call.
If you need to pause the game for some reason either quit the game or tap the Instructions button.

If you change the Flipping or Rotating settings in Preferences the game will restart (including the timer)
If you shake and restart the game then the timer will restart.


Sound effects turns sound effects on and off. Use the volume control of the device to control the volume.

Flipping will enable flipping the pieces upside down and sideways.

Rotating will enable rotating the pieces to one of 4 positions.

Note that changing the Flipping or Rotating (and hitting Done) will cause the game to restart with a newly scrambled image to match the settings.

Show Correct will cause a piece to flash white when it’s in the correct place and orientation.

Lock Correct will prevent a correct piece from being moved.

Changing the correct piece settings will also restart the game so the actual game settings are used.

Easy Mode:
Go to the preferences in the lower right corner and turn off flipping and rotating. Make sure Correct and Lock are both on.
Now select a simpler image. Still image are usually easier. Regular images with defined pieces are easier.
Press the Show Finished button on and off as you're working on the puzzle to see where the pieces go.

Harder mode:
Go to the preferences in the lower right corner and turn on flipping and rotating.
Now select a more difficult moving clip. Abstract and organic shapes tend to be more difficult.

Show Finished and try to spot a very specific action. Press Show Finished again to locate that piece and move it into the right place.