Getting Started Guide

If you have any problems see the Problem Solving page.
* Images may differ from actual release version

Quick Start
Start up the application.

If you need a quick reference during a game you may hit the Instruction button.

To start in easy mode:

Press the Preferences button in the lower right. Turn OFF Flipping and Rotating. Hit done.

Press the new Puzzle button in the lower left.


Select Stills button. A selection of still images will be shown. Tap on a simple image.
(Images are arranged in a rough sense of easy to hard order.)

The image will be scrambled and the timer has started.
The pieces are in different places but they’re all right side up.

Tap on the Show Finished button: showhinticon


This will show the finished puzzle with a white border. Once you are familiar with it tap the button again and the scrambled puzzle will appear with a black border. You may tap the Show Finished button at anytime to check your progress.

Note that an image may be portrait or landscape so you may want to rotate the phone. The toolbar doesn’t rotate to avoid covering the puzzle and to minimize impact on game play.

Touch a piece and drag it to move it to another spot. The piece won’t start dragging until you’re well into another square.

Anytime you touch a piece it will be outlined in yellow.

Sound effects sound as you drag and drop the piece.

If the piece is correct then it will flash white and make a specific sound like a cork.

Once a piece is correct it will be locked into position so you don’t accidently move it.
When a correct piece is touched it won’t show the yellow outline, it will make a lock sound and most importantly it can’t be moved.

Pieces will animate (with applause) when the puzzle is completed.

When the puzzle is completed it will display the time and if it’s in the top high scores. If it’s a high score a screen will appear to enter your name.

Now lets make it more difficult.

Press the Preferences button in the lower right. Turn ON Flipping and Rotating. Now the pieces will automatically be re-scrambled and the timer restarted.

The pieces have not only been placed in different places but some have been flipped upside down, sideways and/or rotated.

Drag the pieces as before.

To flip a piece sideways touch one side of the piece and swipe it. Make a small swipe and release your finger at the other side of the piece. You can swipe in either direction but the finished piece will be the same in either case. The piece will flip when you release your finger.

To flip a piece right side up simply touch the top or bottom of a piece and swipe it up or down. You can swipe in either direction but the finished piece will be the same in either case.

To rotate a piece make a diagonal swipe within the piece in the direction you want to rotate. Diagonal swipes toward the right (up or down) will cause the piece to rotate clockwise. Diagonal swipes toward the left will cause the piece to rotate counter clockwise.
Hold the device in the correct orientation of the clip or puzzle since the rotation is relative to the image.

As before when a piece is correct it will flash white.

When you’re finished the winning time will be shown.

Hit the showhighscoresicon button to see high scores at any point.

To replay the same image simply shake the iPhone or Touch and the image will be re-scrambled and the timer restarted.
It will display an alert to confirm you want to restart the game.

Now that you know how to play try selecting a moving clip. Turn flipping and rotating off if you wish to keep it simple.

Have Fun!

piratedog.thumb Pirate dog created in Squiggles, a paint and image app for the iPhone and Touch from Squires Studios as well.


For more detailed informations check out the Instructions page.

Should you have problems check out the
Problems page.