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Fliparoni is THE video puzzle game for the iPhone and Touch.
Can you assemble a really scrambled moving image while it’s changing?


Fliparoni is the ONE and ONLY real time Video Puzzle for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

If you already own Fliparoni be sure to check the What’s New page. New videos are being uploaded for you to download.

It is a unique, challenging and addictive game even if you’re not into puzzles. Select one of the many video clips provided (over 40 available with more on the way). The clips are a mixture of action, nature, music videos, people and abstract. Fun for the whole family.

You reassemble the scrambled pieces while the images are changing in real time. Not only are the pieces shuffled but they may also be flipped upside down, left to right and/or rotated.

Fliparoni Lite is now available


Many people seem to be overlooking the fact you can download additional videos from our site. We’re preparing more new videos for the download site. If you have a specific request for types of videos you would prefer please go to the feedback page to provide us your thoughts. Thanks.

Challenge your eye and your mind.

Teaser Trailer

App Demo

To check it out on the store click the link below.

You determine the complexity of the puzzle by selecting a still or moving clip and by setting the preference options. Work on a relaxing puzzle while you play your music in the background or make it as difficult as possible and race the clock. It is up to you. Top 10 scores are recorded along with the image and settings.

Swipe your finger over a piece to flip it right side up, left to right or swipe diagonal to rotate a piece. Touch and drag to move a piece.
(NOTE: This is NOT a slider game. It’s much more interesting than that. You are free to move any piece, anywhere)

The game includes a variety of special video clips. Over 20 clips included with over 20 more available for download.

Fliparoni also comes with an assortment of still images that can be used (Over 20 images for puzzles) or you may select any photo from your own Photo Album.

In addition you may download free additional puzzle videos from our website directly in the application using internet access. Currently there are 23 downloadable clips with more on the way.

Please feel free to post user reviews and send in suggestions.


Some of the reviews in so far:
iPhone Games Network snippet from full review:
Very rarely will I give a game a perfect score for game life, but Fliparoni does everything right.

The Free App Store Review 5 stars.

MOBIRIOT video review
If you like image puzzle games, you’re sure to like Fliparoni.  It’s an image (and video!) puzzler where you rearrange squares by moving them, flipping them, etc, to reform the original image.
(Unfortunately he didn’t known it also did video puzzles initially so the video review just shows a still being used)

AppStoreApps contest entries for favorite iPhone app:
(2 people have listed it as their favorite app. Thanks)

My favorite app from the app store has to be Fliparoni. What an absolutely genius way to transform the common puzzle. A moving jigsaw puzzle. The easy-to-use adjustments of the settings allow you to make it as easy or as hard as you want making it appealing for my 7 year old, to me, the ‘adult’ in the family. And, of course, the ability to use the app with your own photos just puts icing on the cake. Kudos!

Fliparoni is the best application. simple but a great time consuming fun.

Some of the US App Store reviews:
(and no, we didn’t write any of these)

Best jigsaw puzzle game ever! 5 stars
I've always enjoyed small jigsaw puzzle games on my pda's. This one combines all the best features of those and throws in new ones like flip and rotate with simple controls. The video pictures and shake to mix them up are just the icing on the cake. Great game and great innovations. Definitely worth the download!

Don’t pass this up 5 stars
There are plenty of puzzle apps in the app store, but this is really different. You move pieces around like most puzzles, but you can also flip them vertically or horizontally or just turn them 90 degrees. You can choose from a great selection of still photos or for a real challenge chose a movie puzzle. Of course you can use pictures out of your own photo library too. My review is not doing it justice. It’s really fun. Try it. You won’t be sorry.

Very cool 5 stars
This app is awesome. It's challenging and fun. It has difficulty settings and lots of options. I hope they will be coming out with updates to add more videos etc.

Sweet 5 stars
Really fun and addicting video puZles are something new

Great for travel 5 stars
If you fly every week like I do. This is a great way to kill flight time. also, it is just fun.

Long Awaited! 5 stars
I've waited quite a while for a pix puzzle game like this. I especially love the option of using pix from my photo album. Thanx!

I got this 5 stars
Because the name sounded cool, but it actualy is pretty awesome. I'm bad at games so I haven't solved a single puzzle yet LOL. Just challengig enuff.

United Kingdom App Store:
Great app! 5 stars
It was great when I found this app for free but after using it I would happily pay for it. I love the way you can use your own pictures and I'm guessing if you have an iPhone you can use pictures taken with the camera.

Italy App Store: (Google translation)
Beautiful application, unique in its general 5 stars
Lets do jigsaw puzzle of video, and of still images or pictures of their tunnel, you can decide whether to move only cuts or increase the difficulty and rotate them or even girarli vertically or horizontally, a real novelty in the field! Maximum!

5 stars
Excellent game, can upload the photos in the gallery and movies. Download absolutely, 5 stars deserve.

Stupendous 5 stars
Absolutely to download. Puzzle game is that video images. Phenomenal


Examples of puzzles in progress

Scrambled to unscrambled while in motion

To check it out on the store click the link below.

PLEASE NOTE: As a developer I have NO access to any videos on your iPhone or Touch. It’s also not technically possible for me to use web videos within the app.
All videos clips usable in Fliparoni come with the application or may be downloaded from a special website within Fliparoni.

You are able to use any of your photos in your Photo album for still puzzles. Since you can save images from the web on the iPhone/Touch you can have a very large assortment.

Please see the links above to a Getting Started Guide, a full Instruction page and a Problem and FAQ page.

Please send any problems or suggestions to the contact link at the bottom or directly from Instructions view in Fliparoni.

Additional Photo Credits

piratedog.thumb Pirate dog created in Squiggles, a paint and image app for the iPhone and Touch from Squires Studios as well.

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timelapsebeach.thumb © Matt Silverman
david2a.thumb David H. Tanaka Productions

cazmoa.thumbcazmob.thumb PlanetCazmo.com

All images and clips provided with Fliparoni and downloadable from this site are © Squires Studios, Inc. unless otherwise noted. Reproduction of any images or clips is forbidden without authorization.